Computer Repair and Web Design Services

Computer repair and Web design servicesAffordable and reliable solution by experienced Certified Technicians. We provide all computer repair and web design services. Corporate and Personal websites are elegantly and professionally designed with the right-priced plan for you.


We specialize in troubleshooting and repairs of desktops, workstations and servers. We also do upgradation and installation of software according to your needs.


Screen replacement, power jack replacement, upgrading hard drive and memory are some of the services we provide for laptops.


We do networking for homes and offices. We undertake setups for routers, firewall, switches and modems.

Troubleshooting Hardware and Software

We troubleshoot hardware issues related to desktops and laptops. Software troubleshooting is also undertaken by our expert technicians.

Remote Online Support

We give remote online support thus attending to your problems at the earliest. More than 70% of IT related problems are solved remotely.

Corporate Services

We undertake annual maintenance for workstations and servers. We services like Web development and Search Engine optimization for corporate.

Website Hosting and Email

Website hosting and email services are provided for your domains. We have packages which will suit your needs and budgets.

Website Designing

Corporate and Personal websites are elegantly and professionally designed with the right priced plan for you.


Our Search Engine optimization (SEO) service brings your domain on the top in search engines and boosts your business.

Computer Repairs in Mississauga

computer repairsComputers have a become a necessity in our day to day chores. Pick up any moment in our life and you will see that these computers are linked to that moment in some way or the other. From getting up in the morning till you go to bed, these computers are attached with us like our shadows. Just as we need our cars in good shape to reach our destination, same is with the computers. We need the computers to be running in good condition. [Read more…]

Networking Solutions in Mississauga

network In the present economy it is difficult to maintain a full time IT staff. With technology moving ahead with such a pace it is not possible to expect the latest from your full time IT personnel. Outsourcing hardware and software maintenance has become a norm and practice in the small and medium sized corporate and it helps you to concentrate on more strategic directions in your business. Based in Mississauga, Canada, Zaibz IT Services has the capacity to handle all your [Read more…]

Corporate Presence on the Web

web Web presence for every small and medium sized businesses have become a necessity. Internet is now within the reach of every individual with so much technological advances in the form of Smartphone, Tablet PCs, Laptops, Desktops etc. Success and survival of any business is dependent on how efficiently you take advantage of the internet revolution. Attracting the customers on the web depends on website designing and the right SEO approach. [Read more…]

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

seo Search Engine Optimization or SEO has become a norm in today’s internet marketing. Without SEO your website seems lost in the crowd of millions of websites. SEO will bring you in the forefront of rankings in Search Engines. Processing SEO of a website for its maximum visibility on a search engine includes many factors like changing the content, titles, images and other linking features in your website. A professional approach is needed to handle this complex operation. [Read more…]

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